When you step out of your comfort zone, magic happens

A Mindset Shift means we see, think and act differently. At Mi-Shift, we design innovative educational experiences to enable that change.


We follow our original Mi-Shift Methodology: Learn 5.0. No textbooks, MOOCs or classroom-based training. It is a face-to-face, experiential technique. By taking participants out of their comfort zone, it empowers them to test and learn, grow through sharing, and tap into their intuition. Ultimately, they reconnect with human essentials acquiring the perspective and courage to become actors of their destiny.

Creating a human shift in the face of alterity

requires a return to human essentials by changing lenses and making choices

What values drive us?

So far the Mi-Shift Methodology has inspired over 300 professionals and 2000 students to expand their perspectives and act on new priorities in a changing, complex world!


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Life is either an accident and you are the victim. Or you can make different choices that will enable you to live the life you desire most.

Portia Nelson, writer & performer

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